Pezcyclingnews: Silca Superpista Ultimate: The Long Term


Jan 3, 2005
A case study in design and materials spec and certainly expensive, but as we’ll explain (in the kind of detail only a true tech geek could love) the Silca SuperPista Ultimate is very likely worth every penny. Transcendent product quality is uncommon for cycling product and getting more so by the day as companies go off shore not just for cheap labor but for product design as well. But Ive now seen Silcas SuperPista Ultimate Pump in publications like Wired and Mens Journal and on sites like Lumberjac and Extravaganzi and further off the beaten path, I heard them on NPR. After running it through a slew of wheel, tire and tire pressure testing in addition to simply pumping an uncommonly large fleet of personal bikes, I can tell you that beyond looking good enough for the guys at, this pump was designed to do its thing very well for a long time.Long before the SuperPista Ultimate (Ill call it the Super P) was launched, I knew it would be a benchmark product.Joshua Poertner took over Silca a couple of years ago and set about building products to his own set of standards. To understand what that means, you have to understand a little bit about the guy that owns Silca.Full disclosure I like the Josh and have depended on him for information that was almost good enough at times to keep me from looking like a complete idiot (arguably his greatest accomplishment) I was the first journo to request...

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