Pezcyclingnews: Titan Tea: Fair Trade, Non Gmo, Electrolyte Blend


Jan 3, 2005
Titan Tea decided that the thousands of iced tea products on the market were lacking in quality ingredients and electrolytes. Their new flavors are a light tasting alternative with an electrolyte twist that might well suite athletesA few years ago, John Gagliardi decided that, as a tea lover and as an athlete, he just couldnt find what he wantedWith that in mind, he set out to deliver more than just a good tasting iced tea, but something more. The result is Titan Tea.Part of the goal was to simply make a lightly flavored, good tasting tea that wasnt too sweet Thats not too tough as a stand alone.What made things a little more complex were to make keep this taste profile but do it with Non GMO, higher quality products AND make the whole thing go a little bit beyond being a simple refreshment and actually try to help make up for lost fluids and electrolytesThe ingredient listing for all of the flavors is pretty consistentWater, organic fair trade tea, Organic fair trade cane sugar, Organic juice concentrate and its topped off with Sodium, Potassium and Calcium.This isnt rocket science. Your body will burn a little hotter when you take caffeine (Caffeine is a diuretic which also flies in the face of hydration). Titan is designed to help you replace some of the electrolytes you will burn both during exercise and with the caffeine.This is not a sweet, heavy product. I was actually surprised at how light the sweetness is...

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