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    Day 1 of 11 (Thursday, June 18, 2015) Pepper Palaces Pic and Aussie Sunderland Take Top ToAD Podium Steps The seventh year of the Tour of Americas Dairyland presented by Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board kicked off in the neighborhood warmth of an uber cycling-friendly Milwaukee North Shore suburb for the Shorewood Criterium Cycling Classic pb Metro Market.There’s nothing like a kids’ race to kick off the festivities… The healthy-sized Pro Women field kept it close for much of the contest, their first of 11 consecutive race days. The convivial vibe notched up to downright competitive at the midway point as the Dave Anderson/Rainbow Jersey Bicycles Backside Fan Prime was announced at $600. Absent for a year due to a course change, this annual race fan party and prime collection was all aburst. UnitedHealthCares Cari Higgins grabbed the green at the line and personally collected the jar of cash from neighborhood kids post-race.The Pro Women picked up an additional $800 in primes, which kept energy high. With four laps remaining, the Pepper Palace squad slid into position with Fearless Femme and ISCorp/SmartChoice MRI staying near. But it was Tina Pic (Pepper Palace/The Happy Tooth) who launched early and held on for her first 2015 slip into the pink Boston Store Leaders jersey. The familiar face and pace of Alexander Ray delighted the fans at the boards. Ray, who raced for the local ISCorp squad last year returned in a Silber Racing kit but received the same crowd favoritism as he leapt early and often...

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