Pezcyclingnews: Toolbox: Body Mass And Anaerobic Power


Jan 3, 2005
Watching the final crush of Milan San Remo is to view the crescendo of many hours of impressive metabolism. 1000 kilojoule/hour are common place in the racing peloton, and most surely the last hour of M-S-R is way above that value. Those guys are lean and mean. Are You? Look, Im not saying…Im just saying… you can optimize your performance with less of you and better management of the parts left if you get a little bit leaner. Ok, really lean. If you havent before, you should give it a try. It isnt about body weight exclusively. Its about your particular body type, nutrition, goals and habits. Maybe under 20% is a target, maybe its to climb that hill a bit faster and youve already dumped your water bottle to save weight. Maybe its to be in contention for the final sprint on the weekly friendly ride. Whatever the goal, youll be closer to it leaner.Body Fat, Body Mass and Anaerobic PerformanceResearchers in Poland looked at the role that body fat (BF) and body mass (BM) played in anaerobic power for a group of 36 college aged males. Volunteers were analyzed, prodded and generally beset upon over a series of evaluations and tests. These ranged from comprehensive body measurements and subject interviews, to a 20 second sprint power test looking at peak and mean power across that interval. Based on their body composition, they were assigned to the control group (14-18% BF and 59-64.3 kg BM) or either the high...

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