Pezcyclingnews: Toolbox: Extending Summer Fitness


Jan 3, 2005
The physical and mental challenges of late-season events can be significant. Season fatigue, burnout, and loss of focus often become real challenges in the late summer and fall. The mind and body yearn for rest and rejuvenation even as you have to get ready to go for it one more time! How do we prepare for these one-more-time events?By Tim CusickFirst, face some factsAt this stage, how much preparation time do you have? Maybe two or three weeks? We have to start by accepting the reality that the human body typically takes about four to eight weeks to adapt to exercise. This means that the workout you do today has maximal fitness benefits a few weeks down the road. Assuming you are typical, this reality presents you with your biggest challenge in this scenario: at this point in the season, you really do not have any time left to gain much true fitness. What youve got is what youve got, so you need to focus on maximizing your performance. Introduce changeBy this time your training has probably become pretty patternistic. A great way to give yourself that late-season motivation and performance boost is to introduce some change to shake up your system, improve your performance, and achieve great results in your late-season event.Change your training scheduleWith a solid aerobic base in play from the season, late summer and fall is a great time to change your training pattern. The typical training pattern is rest on Monday rest; train on Tuesday,...

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