Pezcyclingnews: Toolbox: Self Talk, Psychology & Performance


Jan 3, 2005
My Legs Hurt! What are your thoughts really telling you and how can you turn it around to your benefit? Explore the psychological factors which can influence endurance performance and discover simple strategies to strengthen your mind and gain an advantage over your competitors.12 years ago, when I first began writing for Pez, I was a racing cyclist and had recently moved to France to pursue my dream of becoming a professional cyclist. I soon realised that I wasnt the most talented athlete, but I used my growing interest in science and technology to optimise my performance.At that time, I had a mechanistic and principally physiological view of human performance. I saw my body as a machine, my food as fuel and my brain as a computer over which I believed I should have complete control, especially with regard to those pesky emotions which kept popping up in my psyche.Achieving Optimum Performance With An Integrated ApproachToday, Im a long-retired racer and now work as a Performance Coach. Over the years, my approach has developed. Id like to think I have a more nuanced and compassionate perspective on the human condition, on and off the bike, than I did in my racing days. Ive come to appreciate that the body and mind are more complex than I ever imagined. Through exploring the evidence and testing it in practice, I now believe that optimum performance can only be achieved with an integrated approach which takes into account a riders body, mind and...

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