Pezcyclingnews: Toolbox: Soup’s On!


Jan 3, 2005
The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. Nothing beats sneaking in a wintertime ride and coming back home to something warm. Whats on the menu? SOUP. Hearty, wholesome, nourishing, warm soup.Its that time of year when you finish a ride with friends and quickly change out of that damp kit into some warm fleece, jeans, a touque, and a sweater (clearly Im Canadian, but this can also apply to you softer California types who think 60 farenheit is freezing!). Soup can make a quality meal paired with a nice whole grain baguette and/or lean protein on the side or it can even serve as a starter to a meal or a healthy snack. The thing I love about soup is that just about anyone can feel quite accomplished in the kitchen after making a soup. It doesnt take a seasoned pro to put amazing soup on the table. Trust me.Generally, if you have a few basics on hand such as broth, garlic, onion and ginger as well as a few basic spices such as salt, pepper, curry, chili powder, red pepper flakes, nutmeg, and maybe a few limes and lemons, you can pull off some good flavors. Sweet potatoes and potatoes are my favorite things to have on hand at this time of year, as well as beets. All of which make for amazing thick soups when blended. Can you picture yourself dunking that baguette into the bowl now? If not, get ready for it and double dip...

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