Pezcyclingnews: Toolbox: Three Common Racing Mistakes


Jan 3, 2005
One of my favorite yet most frustrating things about racing is how hard it is to win. There are so few sports that rank with cycling as far as all the things that must align to capture that elusive victory. It is crucial that when cyclists start to race, they learn how to win races.- By Tim Cusick -As a professional coach I have the luxury of replaying hundreds of races through my clients eyes and have learned that there are a few common mistakes that I see repeated time and time again as riders acquire the skills to race.Mistake #1: the Hero MoveYou know this move, the moment when you tear open the zippered lycra of your cycling jersey to reveal the large capital yellow S on your chest and unfurl your streaming red cape, attacking and dropping your competition from 50k out, then effortlessly holding them off to the finish? The reality of this move often looks different, more like you throw down a 1,000 watt attack, open a gap, hold it for 3 -5 minutes then get caught by the pack and hopefully hang on or even get spit out the back. The hero move is often a ticket to disaster, typically ensuring a pack finish at best.Some Suggestions:Bike racing is all about understanding the odds. With all the things you need to have go right in order to win, you have to learn patience and begin to think about the odds. So here is a new...

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