Pezcyclingnews: Top Ride: Cycling In Valpolicella Wine Country


Jan 3, 2005
One of thebest reasons tochoose a good bike hotel is their skill to show thebest their region has to offer – like routes, rides, food & drink that Isimply could not find on myown. This ride (and subsequent wine tasting) never would have have happened without my guide from Garda Bike Hotelleading meon a relaxed ride through thehills of Italy’s Valpolicella region and an even more relaxed stop at the Santa Maria Valverdewinery. Quick disclaimer here – we like to use our Top Ride series to tap readers into the best routes and rides we’ve found, whether they’re on epic courses or legendary climbs, or amazing routes that are best savoured on two wheels. But what makes a Top Ride a ‘top ride’ is not always the parcours – it’s alsothe people, the adventures and stops along the way, and simply discovering something so different from myown daily routine that it sticks with melong after.This ride from the Garda Bike Hotel on Lake Garda started as a simple 2-3 hours at a gentleman’s pace through the local hills – then turned into some indulgent wine tasting that unexpectedly reduced my ride to a van pick-up, and a story I had to share with PEZ-Fans.There were so many gorgeous photos from this ride that I actually had a long think about which one to lead with. I chose this shot of the grapes hanging because it really defines this particular ride – and the events that transpired – ie: more than my...

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