Pezcyclingnews: Tour’15 St.15: Photo Report!


Jan 3, 2005
Roadside Stage 15: Sunday was a fast, fast stage, so Photog Beardy McBeard jumped ahead of the race to catch the action on the category 4 climb of the Col de la Croix de Bauzon. A fast dash of 100 kilometers to the finish for a wrong turn to throw the Beard off schedule. More unique pics from the Tour: Photos & Words by Marcus Enno After our extra long commute I was really happy to be starting later as shooting 14 stages with one day off is starting to take its toll. We’d descended into the gorge to the hotel and I’d imagined how great it would be to ride.It was a 20km assent up out of the gorge to meet up with the course and saw lots of people riding up. I even managed to take a few non race photos. It was definitely a place I’d like to come back and ride.The last time I rode my bike was up Stelvio over 3 weeks ago. I am planning a ride on the rest day but I am feeling so exhausted I might have to actually rest. As I ride most days in my ‘normal life’ it is probably one aspect of tour chasing that has taken some time to adjust to.Days now consist of hours in the car averaging 250kms. Driving along amazing roads, interesting towns and natural wonders but not being stop, ride and take it all in. I’m going to feel very guilty going to...

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