Pezcyclingnews: Tour De France 2016 Route: The Pez First Look


Jan 3, 2005
The 2016 Tour de France route presentation last week was greeted with (mostly) pleasure from the riders, a good mix of flat, time trial and climbing, with the emphasis on the climbing. Our PEZ Grand Tour expert, Ed Hood, was deep in the bowels of the London velodrome at the time of the presentation, but he’s been let out of his cage to give us his Tour’16 First Look. It seems a tad strange to be talking about Le Tour; its dark outside and starting to feel properly cold at night far removed from the long, sunny days of July, but the prognostication has to start somewhere. . .The 2016 RouteIn line with UCi rules for Grand Tours the race is of 23 days duration with two rest days; on July 11th in Andorra and July 19th in Bern with both outside the national boundaries the riders get a rest from France as well as the race. The other country visited is Spain in what is a pretty tightly compressed parcours over 3519 kilometres missing out the northern and west coast areas of France entirely.There are five stages of semi-classic distance of 200K or more with the longest being 232Ks of Stage Four. The split on the 21 stages theres no prologue is: nine flat, one hilly, nine mountain (with four summit finishes) and two time trials.Stage One starts at the beautiful Mont Saint-Michel and finishes at a name familiar to anyone who remembers World War II, Utah Beach, with...

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