Pezcyclingnews: Travel: Gran Fondo China


Jan 3, 2005
Grand Fondos aren’t just sweeping thenation, they’re sweeping theworld, as Dan Carruthers saw first-hand riding therecent 5-stage Grand Fondo China. It’s a whole new world riding in theMiddle Kingdom.For most people, China conjures the images of nasty pollution and urban sprawl with densely crowded cities. Very few realize that the Middle Kingdom possesses some absolute gems for cycling enthusiasts; China is a large nation and there are countless amazing cycling experiences to be had.– Words by Dan Carruthers, Photos from –In recent years, the Gran Fondo concept has been gaining impetus among the Chinese riders as they seek to depart from the short, flat circuit races they are used to and challenge themselves with more difficult and beautiful courses. It is also an opportunity for Westerners to take part in organized cycling events and experience the different cultures and the stunning scenery – which rivals any place in the world. Yes, cycling in China is thriving and event organizer Nordic Ways is at the helm. The 2015 edition of their flagship race, The Colorful Yunnan Gran Fondo, saw more than 1,000 riders participate daily, with 320 intrepid cyclists taking part in the long course five-day Gran Fondo stage race. Thats right, a multi-day Gran Fondo staged in five different cities spread across Yunnan, Southern China, a region famous for its stunning scenery and diverse cultures. One difference you will notice from races you normally partake in, is the grand pompous nature of the opening and closing ceremonies each day....

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