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Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Steve, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Just an FYI that if you are in need of triathlon fittings or bicycle repairs, I am now back doing
    this on a small basis. When I sold my tri shop (Steve's Multisport) I thought I had enough but it
    seems the urge to return is coming back. I am only working out of my house but there are plans for
    my return to a potential location.

    So, email me for information and for those who have been VERY patient for my 1 piece aero bar to
    debut, it's now back on the design floor and heading to the machinest for a few upgrades. Hopefully
    I will have this ready to early Sept.

    I am still involved in Triathlons and Cycling and now work for the Pro Cycling Tour putting on
    professional races around the country.

    Hope everyone has a great season this year and maybe we will cross paths someday.