Phone orders to Harris - A cautionary Tale

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Jeff Starr, Jul 26, 2005.

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    I needed to call Harris to supply my CC #, so that my order could be

    Well, between 6-15-05 and 6-23-05, I tried 54 times. Each time getting
    their recorded message, that they were helping other customers. Well,
    I finally got through on the 55th attempt, only to find out they had
    been short handed and not answering that line.

    I should mention, that this is where the caution comes in, it is not a
    toll free number. It turns out the long distance carrier that I was
    using, was billing a minute per call, with a connection fee, total
    cost per call $.64. It added up to over $34 plus tax.

    I called the long distance carrier and they were nice enough to drop
    all the charges, for those calls, as I never really connected with my

    The parts were something like $29 with shipping, another $34+ would
    have made them very pricey cogs.

    So, be aware of this and if you do get charged, as I did, call and see
    if your carrier will help you out. I was using Lucky Dog 10-10-345,
    which in my brief research, I find is owned by AT&T. I don't have a
    committed carrier, as I seldom make long distance calls. I canceled my
    last one, because of fees, even in months where I made no calls.

    I am not unhappy with anyone, I just thought this was worth

    Life is Good!