"photo Shoot" Bikes At Performance Bike


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Sep 2, 2015
In recently visited a Performance Bike store while shopping for a new road bike. The sales person on the floor showed me a couple of bikes he presented as "Photo Shoot" models. Basically one-off productions of future floor models that they use for catalog photos. The price on the bike looked almost too good considering it was a current year model, and the drivetrain group on the build.
Is this a common practice for online retailers that also maintain a storefront? Or, is this just a clever way for the store to try to move limited inventory?
Considering the size of PB as a chain, and the individual store, I'm inclined to take the salesperson at his word. I'm just a little leery even though it looks like an opportunity to get a great deal on a nice bike.


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Sep 12, 2005
What's the risk? PB is still giving a warranty with the bike, right?

Used is used. They probably rolled that Fuji-Scattante-Whatever a few miles yards during the shoot.

The last time I was in a PB shop the sales guy said the Brand X German bikes were being discontinued and moved out cheap because the German company was unhappy with PB's policy of putting their prized Germanic Pride stuff 'on sale'. They were being replaced with German Brand Y...who will, presumably, be not so shocked to find that Americans, members of the largest retail bike market on the planet, humbly reject paying retail for bicycles and pretty much everything else, too.

Adding to the above...It's no longer cycling season in much of the country and prices drop. Because corporate sales are flat. Adding to that, the newest, latest, greatest, super-hyped 2016 models are just hours/days/weeks from getting spit out of the Hype Machines and onto showroom floors to be sold for inflated prices next Spring.

But, at least we'll all be slobbering over <insert 'new' electronically controlled carbon fiber gizmo that weighs 2 grams less than last years 'old' electronically controlled carbon fiber gizmo> here.
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