Pikes Peak Bike Tour Recommendations

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  1. We are planning a trip to Colorado in September 2006. Among other things, we
    would like to bicycle down Pikes Peak.
    At this point, I am looking at Challenges Unlimited and Pikes Peak MTB Tours
    as possible choices.

    http://www.bikithikit.com/pikes-peak-biking.htm and

    Any advice, recommendations, suggestions, etc., about this? Any other don't
    miss bike tours in the Colorado Springs or Estes Park areas?
    Always appreciate positive assistance.
    *Jason. in Indy

  2. Tom

    Tom Guest

    I live in Colo Springs. I've never done one of those tours that takes
    you to the top of "the Peak" and lets you ride back down, but from what
    I've seen of the road it could be lots of fun. Just believe them when
    they say you'll need some insulation as you start, it's cold up there
    in the summer.

    If you want a pretty and fairly short ride consider the Garden of the
    Gods. Don't be in a hurry, you could meet a tourist's car door in the
    wrong way. There is a lot of up and down. Once there, for a challenge
    ride as far up the Rampart Range road as you can. The entrance to it
    is just a little north and east of the Balanced rock. It's marked.

    Also consider the trail that runs along Monument creek,it's Pine creek
    to the north and Fountain creek to the south, but locally if you ask
    for Monument creek trail you'll get it. The whole thing is about 44
    miles long from Palmer Lake north of here to Fountain in the south. A
    nice day ride can be had by starting in the parking lot of Criterium
    Bicycles (a nice, well stocked shop) and heading north. The sceney
    become very nice quickly as you enter the Air Force academy (have ID on
    your person). Once you are tired you will have a generally downhill
    ride back to your car. The whole trail is good riding, but that north
    section is the best as far as I'm concerned.