Pilditch Stadium - URGENT!



Does anyone know where is Pilditch Stadium? I need to register there tonight for the NECSA on Sunday. That's all the info I've got. Not even a phone number! It's not given on any of my street maps! :'( Could be in Cape Town for all I know! ::)
Old Timer, the race is on Saturday 23rd, unless I'm seriously mistaken?

I picked up my number at the race last year. I'm sure you will be able to do the same this year?
Don't forget your ChampionChip!
It's next to the pretoria show grounds, you take church street (going west) and the first road after the show grounds on the leaft you turn left.
Thanks, guys!
Ouzo. No, not the Ride for Sight. This is the NECSA from Pelindaba, part of the Engen series.
VO2. Yes, it's on Saturday, NOT Sunday! Thanks for reminding me. ;)
Cadence. Thanks for the directions. I'm already entered but like to have everything ready night before.
Registration opens at Pelindaba 0500am on Saturday. I'll be there early. Don't fancy driving to Pretoria tonight.

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