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Dec 23, 2017
81 Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Phuong Tien: Xe
Time: 1 day
Price: 350.000 VND
LH: 0915686467 - 0935936302 City tour hành hương vũng tàu
Today, life becomes more and more noisy, bon chen, people after the tired working days need to have their pure moments. Spiritual travel to the Buddha will help people to remove the feelings of suffering, cultivate the mind and spirit of wisdom for peace, good work and good luck. This is a beautiful custom of the Vietnamese people, so in Vietnam from South to North there are many temples, temples and pagodas. Today, Vietbalo introduces 10 pilgrimage tours to Vung Tau Pagoda, including the famous temple. By this, Travel Vietbalo wish you happy new year - peacefully - pure!
Morning: 06h00: Car and tour guide Vietbalo welcome guests at the beginning of the trip to the scene of the scene in the sea.
• The first stop, the delegation stopped to visit the first throne of the journey named Buu Long Pagoda - The most beautiful Nam Viet pagoda, with more than 11 hectares on the western hill. on the banks of the Dong Nai River. The temple was originally founded in 1942 by Venerable Vo Ha Thuat. It was built in 1942 by the lay Buddhist monk Gotama Cetiya. The relics of the Buddha and the Holy Monks are over 2,000 square meters, 70 meters high, a medium architecture. Modern monumental exhibits the ancient features of the ancient Suvannabhumi civilization in Southeast Asia. The tower is the largest in Vietnam, three stories high with a height of 56 meters and four surrounding towers named Dan Sinh tower, Thanh Dao tower, Falun tower, Nirvana tower. The tower has a total capacity of over 2,000 people to visit the relics relics Buddha.
Chua Chanh Electricity from the entrance
- Continuing the journey, car ride to Vung Tau City - A city with more than 700 famous temples and resorts with beautiful beaches and one of the pilgrimage sites attract many Buddhists. most of the country.
Visitors to the scene at the Meditation and Spiritual Abbot (admire the magnificent beauty of the main hall between two rows of blue ocean, the Buddha has a moment of being exposed to the natural scenery. , find the feeling of pure life after hard work). Here you are free medical examination and purchase of natural herbs by Buddhist monks in the temple.

• On the way, visitors stop to visit the Thousand Buddhas Temple (The temple holds many Vietnamese Buddhist records, with 48 statues of Amitabha of marble, the largest synagogue with Viet , the largest Tam Sculpture in Vietnam ....)
• Visiting and using Banh Xeo - Canh Canh - Drink free water at Thien Hoa Nunnery

• 11h30: Lunch (vegetarian rice) to rest.
• 13h10: Following the path of lightning around the Great Mountain, Buddhist monks come to worship, visit and worship in the architectural Buddhist sculpture Buddhist shrines (sculptures here simulate the whole life of Shakyamuni and associated with the natural landscape of green non-green creativity in the heart of Buddhist as looking for the place of the future, the scene)
• Journey to the most beautiful street in Vietnam - Ha Long Road, also known as the richest road in Vietnam with the corridor lined with marble - Via Vung Tau Beach in front of the Buddhist is a live picture. colorful, sea, mountains, rocks and people. The sunshine of the sea of Cap Saint Jacques light up the heart as serene as peace in nature where there is compassionate compassion spread out along the sea. Nun Ban Tinh Xa is located on the small mountain slope (Over 37 rises to the main hall, in the main hall is a Buddha statue Nirvana 12m long, all are exquisitely sharp , pure jokes create a scene just dig deep at the meditation door ...) Continue the journey, the car ride to the Bodhi pagoda worship, the Buddha.
• Continue to visit the Buddhist temple, Buddhist monks to visit the Temple of France is located on the side Nirvana Tinh Xa - The temple is located peacefully in the woods of the sea. Along the way Dao Dao with two rows of non-green smooth along the way, lifting each step up the slope Tu Tu, the sea breeze blowing gentle Buddhist will feel the peace of quiet, gentle when the ceremony before Buddha Electricity is far away from the blue ocean.
• Men along the coast to Quan Am Pagoda Located at the foot of the Great Mountain, in the pagoda is a statue of Guan Yin 16m high hand holding the pitcher, standing on the lotus tower and overlooking the sea.

• Visit Buddhist temple (10) Pagoda Phuoc Hai (Pagoda is also known as the name of the temple is Bun), because the temple often treats