Pinarello FP2 vs Specialized Roubaix

Jose Febus

New Member
Sep 25, 2011
Hi All, It's time for me to upgrade my Specialized Allez to a carbon bike! I check my LBS and I can get a Pinarello FP2 with Rival for around $2,200, a Specialized Roubaix SL2 Elite with APEX for $2,200 or Specialized Roubaix Comp with 105 for $2,695 My main concern is the comfort, I plan to do several multi-day events and I want to finish as fresh as possible! For the components, as long they don't use Tiagra (with it's a pain) I am OK, but if you think APEX, RIVAL is bad, please let me know.
Apex is fine. Ride both and buy the one that fits best, rides best, and makes your bank account happy.
FWIW. If you are keen to get a bike with SRAM components, then I recommend that you wait until sometime in 2013 because the belated update to the SRAM RED components this season ([COLOR= #ff8c00]it should have occurred in 2010-or-2011, IMO[/COLOR]) should trickle down to the other groups next year ... worth waiting for, IMO, even if it is only results in a [COLOR= #ff0000]cosmetic change [/COLOR]to the shifter bodies on the lesser SRAM groups.

BTW. If you are unhappy with your Tiagra shifters, you can replace them with a set of 10-or-11 speed CAMPAGNOLO shifters ([COLOR= #808080]buy the shifters off of eBay -- ¿why pay more? -- unless you live in ANZ[/COLOR]) ...

IMO, buying a new bike because you don't like the shifters is like buying a new car because you don't like the pre-set stations on the radio.

BTW2. Changing from [COLOR= #0000ff]700x23[/COLOR] to [COLOR= #0000ff]700x25[/COLOR] ([COLOR= #808080]OR, 700x25 to 700x28 tires if your front fork has the clearance[/COLOR]) will probably go further toward improving your "comfort" more than switching to a carbon fiber frame.