Pistachio Nut Cake

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    Pistachio Nut Cake

    3/4 cup sugar
    2 Tbsp. cinnamon
    1 cup pecans, chopped fine
    1 box white or yellow cake mix
    1 pkg. Royal pistachio pudding
    4 eggs
    3/4 cup water or orange juice
    1 cup sour cream
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1/4 cup cooking oil

    Grease thoroughly a tube pan or bundt pan. Mix first three dry ingredients
    in a small bowl. Cover bottom and sides of pan with about 1/3 of the above
    mixture. Set remaining mixture aside. Blend all other ingredients to make
    batter, and beat four minutes. Alternate the layers of batter with
    remaining sugar mixture in the greased baking pan. Swirl batter with fork
    and bake at 350° for one hour. Cool about 15 minutes. Turn out on a plate.
    Sprinkle powdered sugar over top of cooled cake.

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