Pittsburgh takes NBG Ride Lead - Longbikes Sponsors NBG Relay Link

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  1. - Longbikes http://tandembike.com, the upstart recumbent and upright tandem maker from Colorado is
    ramping up for an exciting 2003. Forced off to the drawing boards by a post 9-11 economy, they
    have not only streamlined their production process but have so fine tuned their flagship model,
    the Slipstream, that that they want everyone to know about it. And in fact, they so much want our
    2003 National Mayor's Relay Ride cyclists to know about it, that they are sponsoring the Omaha to
    Boulder link at: http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide

    I know, for example, having biked across the US on an under the seat steered Via long wheel base
    (lwb) recumbent (no longer in production), that indeed I would have lusted for the opportunity to do
    so on the Slipstream had it existed in 1986. The many tens of thousands of miles I've logged in the
    lwb, under the seat steered configuration (I've also ridden innumerable miles on an Avatar, a Ryan,
    and famed "Bicycling" editor, Jim Langley's homebuilt lwb) seem to be telling me that this could
    very well be one of the most comfortable long distance machines on the planet.

    - The Longbikes people have signed on to a movement that is fast becoming the talk of the East
    Coast. Already, thanks to the resources, excitement and expertise of the Western Pennsylvania
    Field Institute http://wpfi.org, the DC to Pittsburgh relay link is fast filling up. So much so,
    in fact, that Michael Sobkowiak, is already researching the service capacities for the towns along
    the way. He is even thinking about assigning different nightly stops for our relay cyclists that
    make this connection so that enough water, lodging and food can be made available for all of them.

    - Fired up about Greenways, the Pittsburgh people, also with the powerful guidance of Mayor Tom
    Murphy's chief aide, Ro Fischer, are even looking into a park or other large public gathering area
    as a place to receive all the riders and community excitement they anticipate

    - Beth Boose, a former aircraft mechanic and her 13 year old daughter plan to continue on across the
    US after they complete the DC to Pittsburgh link. After an aborted 2001 TransAm effort that can be
    found at http://www.geocities.com/gebuh, Beth just does not know the word quit.

    - Considering the fact that Andrew Morton http://www.PocketMail.com/?loc=us&sec=community&pg=morton
    scouted much of the route from Reno to Salt Lake City in 2000 and then Reno to Sacramento the year
    before as well as from Sacramento to Santa Cruz last year, what do people think about adding Reno
    to our relay ride? We could time it such that both the Chico and the Reno groups arrive in
    Sacramento at the same time on Wed July 30..

    - Also, is there a graphic artist out there who might like to commit our Relay Route to a a
    rendering that we can use at our site?

    There is just so much happening that I can't take any more time for this. I've got to get back out
    and fan the fires that are burning out of control in Boulder, Sacramento and Chicago, etc.......


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