Planet x, build quality and customer service

George Burn

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Mar 30, 2016
Hi all.

Just wanted to share a bad experience with Planet X. Having been pretty happy with a Pro Carbon Shimano Ultra 6800 I got from them in July 2014, everything was pretty hunky dory. I enjoyed the bike, and maintained it well, though I did have a few more knowledgeable cyclists say that there was a reason Planet X could offer bikes at such low prices, and that was in the quality of some of the components. Being happy with my day-to-day experience of the bike, and a bit naive about these things, I ignored those gripes and carried on riding.

But in November last year, the bike suffered a catastrophic collapse of the front wheel, whilst I was riding on a busy London road. It was as if I had hit an invisible wall, and the first I knew of what had happened was when I came to, lying face down on the road. Luckily, a couple of other cyclists stopped and looked after me. Although I was dazed and couldn't really speak for five or ten minutes, I did look back over the road surface: there was nothing, no debris, no pothole, nothing that would explain the accident. I was not hit by a driver or anyone else, and no object went into the wheel. But when I examined the wheel, I realised several of the spokes had detached from the hub and were hanging loose, some of them bent.

My regular mechanic looked it over and said it was a product failure, simple as that. He said the build quality of the wheel was poor and he expected that the manufacturer would replace the bike, no questions.

But no, they didn't. Planet X examined the bike, and said they could see evidence of a "foreign object" having gone into the wheel, so terribly sorry, but no replacement of the bike unless I fork out my own money.

Their "evidence" for an object having got into the wheel eludes me - there is no mark on the wheel to back up this (very convenient) theory. What's more, there was nothing on the road after the accident and I didn't see anything go into the wheel. Of course, I could be lying about all of this. Except I'm not.

I am now suing Planet X for the cost of a replacement bike - I have restrained myself from claiming anything for the injuries I suffered, I have no interest in milking it, but I find their attitude really disappointing. And as far as the quality of their products are concerned, I will never again trust them. The naysayers were right, there's a reason they can offer bikes at such good prices, and it comes in the form of poor quality parts. I will never again use or recommend Planet X.

I offer this up in order that those thinking of buying a bike from Planet X can bear in mind my experience.


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Sep 29, 2015
Was looking at their clincher aero wheels this week. Wondering if it was worth it or waiting longer and saving my the Bora's I want. Big price difference but I want to be confident that I can put down everything I have and they'll hold up, and if not then I want them replaced. The Planet X clinchers were around £600 so that's still a bit of cash. Hearing about them worming out of having to stand by their product puts me off taking a punt. Shame, always nice to save cash, but I have a good frame, can't risk trashing it because I tried to save cash on wheels :oops:


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Jul 23, 2005
What is the brand of the wheel(set) on your bike?

What shop originally sold-and-set up the bike?