Playing TAG with an 8-wheeler

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>> Work safe (in terms of no lewd content etc.)
>> I believe LS Mike has something to do with this?

>Who noticed the bike courier walking down the steps, not riding, even though
>he was theoretically trying hard? (ping Simon :) )

It remined me of that 'things you learn from Hollywood' list:

No 27: Someone will easily *nearly* catch someone else up no matter how much of
a head start they have but will not be able to cover the last 20 yards no matter
how long they try.

I don't know who would be fastest through London (although I have my suspicions
- how fast can a skater go in those situations before the lack of decent brakes
becomes a liability) but I'm damned sure that the would not be that close for
that long - certainly not without the leader changing from time to time.