Plazmatic Spanish Fly Pads for MUni?

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    teachndad wrote:
    > *Hi,
    > Does anyone have any experience with Plazmatic Spanish Fly Pads for
    > Muni?
    > They can be seen here
    > The description mentions similar to MOnty Milk pads. Not sure how
    > those are as well? *

    These pads are designed for trials only, where the objective is to lock
    up the wheel solid for hopping and such.

    They are very soft and, I would imagine, would wear rapidly on the
    trail, not to mention probably being too grippy to use effectively for
    typical DH braking.

    I do not have experience with them; this is information gleaned from
    reading and conversations.

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    I wouldnt recomend the spanish fly pads. Like uturn said they are trials
    pads that are designed to lock your wheel and have very little

    I would try to find some Magaura pads they have a few different types
    depending on riding style

    I currently am using the Black pads

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    thanks guys for the responses.

    Dave had already suggested the black to me as some others had via email.
    I had read in another thread where there was a reference to some clear
    pads that Kris Holm was using. I thought these might be them. I like
    the black pads I have on it right now. They have worked really well.
    They are worn and need to be replaced. I thought the milk pads might
    be something to look into. Right now, I just want to get them replaced


    Thanks for the link to Cambriabikes. I need to order some new non-
    magura pads for my 29er as well. Might as well kill two brakes with one

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