Please advice i am looking for the best tanning lotion that can work on my skin.


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Nov 6, 2019
I have been a regular user of different kinds of lotions that I have been advised to use by my workmates. At first, the lotion that I was recommended to seemed to be working for a few days. After a week of applying the tanning lotion, I got scars like burns. I went back to my friends and asked them what was going on; they told me it will be fine in a few days. It has been two months now and nothing seem to change, Am worried please help me and recommend the tanning lotion that can help me out.
How do we know what's best for your skin? You have to experiment, so since you know that one particular lotion burned you then you need to know what is in that bottle ingredients (especially it's main ingredient) and find a different lotion that doesn't have that ingredient and try it. Also buy the smallest bottle you can find so you don't waste it incase it too doesn't work.