Please help with a school project on cycle tours!


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Feb 7, 2018
For an MBA consulting project I'm hoping to conduct market research for a travel company in Japan interested in offering cycling tours. They are trying to learn directly from experienced cycle tourists and have asked for my team's help. If you have taken a cycle trip in the past or are planning one in the future please let me know your thoughts on the following. Please see a link to a brief Google form survey below. Thank you for your help!


P.S. Yes, as part of the global studies course we did spend time in Japan and got to meet with the company. Japan was absolutely incredible, and our team can't say enough good things about the experience and the food!
Answered the survey form already. Hopefully I can visit Japan in the near future. are there a lot of travel companies in Japan offering cycling tours? Wish you luck on your MBA project.
Thank you for your response! We really appreciate your input. At this time there are only a limited number of companies in Japan offering cycle tours that are directed towards North American cyclists, but based on our research to date we think a few more of the big players will be entering that market fairly soon. One company that is up and running is Japan Travel ( which has a few cycling tours available on their site.

Thank you again! This project will complete my final credits of the program, so I'm excited to end with an interesting assignment and then hopefully be free to spend more time outdoors this spring.
Thanks for the tips. Good luck on completing your program, Hopefully you'll complete your research through this site. You can also post this on a cycling subreddit (reddit) if you want.
Survey just answered. Hope that it helps you to complete your project and increase your info. That's an interesting project, and I really would like to be updated about it. Does Japan have companies that promote cycling tours, or any health related projects? I'm a physician, and really would like to get information about it. Good luck with this project, I think it's a great idea.
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