Please help with identifying peugeot (?) frame


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Jan 25, 2017
Hey guys. Time to hit up the noob thead.
Here's what: I have a frame claimed to be manufactured by Peugeot. The seller was rather a strange guy and all he could say is that he bought the frameset for the bike somewhat 7 years ago. In the shop, he said.
I decided not to torture the guy with questions, as he was about to sell the 9.8kg bike for just 90€.
And that's a good one anyways, but i'm really curious about the real origin of the frame.
So the main question goes like: is it possible that a Peugeot frame would not have any serial nubers? I mean, they are totally absent, nothing had ever touched the metal after welding and before painting. Actually the only thing giving information are these "peugeot" stickers. They look pretty solid, and the metallic paint is obviously factory-made, and is absolutely virgin where covered by these transparent stickers... But stickers are just stickers, right?
I failed to find any catalogues of frames issued after '90s and I also tried to visually spot in google pictures just any Peugeot frame, that would show at least similar geometry (see how the seat stays meet the tube?) – no luck.
At least I need to know if I have to rip off the logos and just enjoy the ride :)


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Sep 12, 2005
Peugeot has had about zero upmarket value so I doubt anyone in their right mind would decal up a frame with the French Lion in hopes of making a few bucks more...just sayin'.

As a guess, I would think your Peugeot was sold by the CyclEurope Corporation / Grimaldi Group, which leased the rights to the Peugeot name 1992-2002 or there abouts. They re-leased the rights in 2011 and 'supposedly' building bikes in France. I never followed them much so no clue what became of that project.

The Remerx wheels are Czech. May or may not be original, but they look to be period correct.

The ITM stem, if original, might point to a tie to the Grimaldi Group and Italy. Look for other European components and report back.

It would be odd for the frame not to carry a serial number. The bike could be Chinese schlock that was imported to Europe and sold by CyclEurope. Perhaps you can send your pictures to them for additional information abouts its past.

Also, with a magnifying glass and a good light, re-check the frame for identification marking.
Sep 30, 2017
Definitely not a classic Peugeot. If a Peugeot at all. I've never seen a welded Peugeot, but if they were still making them after they stopped importing them to the states, I suppose it's possible. Looks fishy to me.