Please read - MS150 Houston (TX) to Austin 180mile

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    Hello All, (this is not SPAM really so please read on)

    OK, OK this maybe considered spam since I'm cross posting it
    BUT I'd like to think its all for a good cause.

    I'm talking about the MS150 cycling ride from Houston to Austin
    in aid of the the Multiple Sclerosis socity.
    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to ending
    the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis.
    You can read all about it here at

    So I am trying to get some of you guys out there to donate a few dollars
    to this cause. Yes I know theres always someone asking for $$$ but I have
    to try.
    If you would like to then please use my link below

    Or if you this this is a ripof then just navigate to

    and use my real name in the Rider box " Paul Lowson "
    and " Baker Hhughes team " in the More Information box

    (no I'm not posting my email address as there are to many trolls out there)

    Paul Lowson