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    HOly cow. Your prat falls were unbelievably athletic. being thrown into
    the playground equipment, and going down the hand rail head first...

    the slickest move was jumping on that pole and staying for a few seconds
    to pose and look around. Man that looked cool. How many tries did that

    the 2 videos on your website were not nearly enough to satisfy me :) let
    us know when u make another.


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    That was very fun. A nice change of pace from the many Trialsy videos we
    see here. Quite a range of skills you have!

    Your location of Hollywood and the style of the video peg it for me as a
    "hire me" video. It seems well-suited for that, but it might sell better
    if it showed more acting. Even if you don't consider yourself an actor,
    a stunt person who can at least read some lines or make good facial
    reactions has much better chances of getting commercials or other

    It took me a while to figure out that big stilt guy. With no normal size
    people in the shot there is nothing to show how large it is. If you make
    changes later on, add some kids to that shot.

    PK, apparently your reputation preceeds you here. Welcome to the
    Unicycle forums. If you think we're not concerned about safety, do a
    search on "helmet." Then, if you think we're all experimenting with fire
    eating, do a search on fire and notice the lack of interest there. I,
    for one, would much rather watch someone else do it.

    Yes, fire is dangerous! That seems a lot more obvious to me than the
    apparent dangers to your brain when riding rough terrain or near cars.
    Let people who do not know this get some burns to remind them.

    (Disclaimer: I know, the danger of fire eating is fire-inhaling. Like so
    many other things, it's just a bad idea to stick it in your mouth under
    any circumstances.)

    Attention to fire, or other safety is a good thing, where appropriate.
    We here are basically not into fire.

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    Hello from England. I'm currently on tour with the Bulgarian State
    Circus. I'm on as a Rolla Bolla artist and Juggler, so not alot of
    unicycling in the public eye. Though my main mode of transport outside
    of the circus is a 26" pashley with 125 mm cranks. I just recently put
    a mud flap/rain guard on it, but haven't had any rain as of late (it's
    England, I'll just give it a day or two).

    When I was buying my mudflap I saw some rear racks that attach to the
    seat post, anyone ever try putting one of these on their uni? I figure
    it would alter the balance a little depending on what sort of load you
    attached on it. I would have gone for it but it was three times as
    much, and I have to save for my internet access.

    BTW, my team back in Los Angeles is doing really great- check out the
    website at!

    ALSO, a newish video of mine is at

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  6. thayr wrote:
    > Thanks for all the great replies. Hopefully I'll have some more video in
    > the future.
    > As for the video not working- it's in MPEG-4 format, which requires
    > Quicktime 6 or later.
    > Thanks again. Pop a wheelie!

    dude the vid sounds awesome but i cant view it. could u put on windows
    media too?


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    olarf wrote:
    > I can't open the two links ??? Both going to a dead end ???
    > I would like to watch it cause it sounds like something for
    > Please let me know where I can find it actually and if I could use it.

    Those links are indeed dead, they're old and dried up... in fact
    they're starting to smell. A more recent link is

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