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    It's that dreaded sound, the one you know what it is the moment you hear it.

    In the fraction of a second it takes for the sound to be made, it is like fingers dragging along a
    chalk board.

    7 bikes to choose from, and I pick the one that still has factory wheels (1996 at that!)

    I felt lower than dirt, with my head hung low making my way into Southpark Cycles. My choices were:
    Call my wife from work to pick me up; try to ride home and probably toast the wheel; limp to SC and
    have them fix it. Would have been nice for them to just sell me a spoke and let me at the stand, but
    I wouldn't want people doing that to me so I just had them fix it. He did a really nice job, but now
    I'm having a hard time trusting the wheel (32 hole, 15g spokes with Matrix machined rims) so I'm
    gonna park the Big Sur until I decide what to buy/build for it.

    __o _`\(,_ Cycling is life, (_)/ (_) all the rest, just details. Nelson Binch =^o.o^=

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