plz open it ...great offer for a great vacation and summer school

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    hi sir

    On behalf of The Suez Canal pharmaceutical students association .our great pleasure to invite you to
    attend scpsa summer school on (marine natural products, herbal drugs and epidemic diseases ) from
    (9th -23rd of august 2004) here at Ismailia

    The recipients committee has put 8 months of hard work to bring you the best school possible

    The education forms will allow you to share the ideas with students from different countries and
    social one allow you to have a long and lasting friendship,

    We hope you take the opportunity to discover our country our site for information, check

    or click here

    or direct contact with main coordinator


    [email protected]

    Mobile phone: +2 012 2906724
    p.s ....plz don't send at anyemail only the email above