PMC and Cross-Training Redux


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Mar 16, 2004
I know this has been touched on before, but I have started (and am hoping to continue) some trail running during the winter season (including some 17-25km "fun" event runs with 2000-3500 feet of ascent).

At minimum, I think this should figure into ATL, but I am wondering about CTL and how people work with this in WKO. I have not been able to get rTSS for my last workout since I am having issues uploading, but I ran a road a few days ago (empty due to a torrential downpour) that I try to climb a few times a week (see link below) and can tell you that was a bit tougher than climbing it on the bike Monday and yesterday.

Grade: Kings Mountain Road, Woodside

You're on the right track already, but have to decide what picture you want your PMC to reflect. If the goal is stress/fatigue tracking for health reasons, then absolutely rTSS should be included so that ATL accurately reflects what your body is going through in order to prevent illness, etc.

OTOH, if the goal is predicting/optimizing cycling performance then it probably should not since the rTSS would incorrectly affect your cycling CTL & TSB.

One option is to create separate athletes in order to flip back and forth between the 2 pictures.