Polar Precision / CyclingPeaks import?


New Member
Mar 12, 2007
I'm playing with the CyclingPeaks software, trying to migrate my diaries from the Polar Precision Software. So far, I'm running into a number of issues, so I thought I'd ask here.

1. I use the Polar Software for a number of sports, including cycling. Is there a way to add sports to the list? E.G. I'd like to add football and skiing to the list, and the "Other" isn't quite what I want as I'd like to use "Other" to specify activities within the sports (football / practice, football / game, etc.)

2. I have diary infomation in the .ppd Polar files - daily notes, weight, sleep, etc. Is there a way to import that without a corresponding .hrm file?

3. On the Import via click-n-drag, is there a way to have CyclingPeaks pick the right sport from the Polar software? I'm hoping not to have to redo two years' worth of info just to try things out.


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