Polar Service Centre - South Africa


Aug 11, 2001
Using my S510 this weekend, the big red push button seemed somewhat sticky. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the button was cracked. The watch still works, but I want to have it repaired. I originally bought the watch from a major sports outlet, but returning it to them and then waiting for them to send it to the Polar service centre will probably take months. Anyone know where the Polar Service Centre is here in SA or their contact info, as working directly with them will probably give quicker results?
My button also got sticky once, I rinsed it in water and it was fine (it gets sweat in there).

as far as I know Polar is in Midrand somewhere, try getting the contact details from Cycle Lab.
As far as I know Polar is in Midrand somewhere, try getting the contact details from Cycle Lab.

Hi Guy's as far as I know the company name is IHF and is based in Midrand, I tried to find their number but no luck, I'll see what else I can trace for you...
Hokay Got it

Intelligent Health
P.O. Box 4021
Halfway House
Tel. +27-11-805 1028
Fax +27-11-805 5498

Polar agents in SA

Now stop pressing those buttons so hard!

See you on the road
Just spoke to the lady from IHF. "No problemo, bring your watch and we'll sort it out". Great stuff! Thanks Acid and Ouzo!
VO2. I also had a cracked button on my S710. Took it to IHF Midrand. They replaced the button free while I waited. ;D Great service.
Hey VO2, when you take the unit through, please check with them what the expected battery life on the transmitter belt unit is, I think my battery may be a little flat :p

Old Timer, I think it was cracked from the start. Hopefully they change it under warranty.

Acid, will do.
OK guys - feedback. I took the watch thro today and they fixed it within 2 minutes - no charge. To the guys and gals at IHF, great work and great service!

Acid, the pretty lady at IHF reckons that the average battery life of the chest unit is 2500hrs, or 5 years. The problem is that the electrodes deteriorate quicker than the batteries. You can return your chest unit to them for a trade in on a new one, and receive a 40% discount.
Thanks VO2, 'preciate it.

Still got about 1750 hrs left in my unit then!