Polar Speed Sensor Mounting on Aero Blade Fork - SECURE SOLUTION!

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Rich, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Hi all. I thought I'd share this little trick I came up with to
    securely mount a Polar Speed Sensor to an Aero blade fork. I searched
    the internet for hours and found that others had the same frustrations
    as myself, but nobody had a solution. I got this idea and tried it

    I used a section of 1/2 inch PVC pipe and cut a slice out of its length
    with a hack saw. Then I filed the sharp edges off and cleaned it up.
    I cut an inner tube so as not to use the glue-backed crap that came
    with the sensor (it's stiff and makes a mess). Finally, I slid the PVC
    pipe over the fork using the cut-up inner tube as insulation to prevent
    my fork from getting scratched. When I paint it black, it will look
    fantastic and it will be extremely functional--no more having to move
    the sensor back into place after a ride on the roof-rack or a rough

    I was going to paint the PVC but in my haste, I let it be. In any
    case, it provides a super stable mounting area for the sensor and
    doesn't wobble around at all. I'll eventually take it off and paint it
    black, but, I just want to ride now that I have it mounted well.

    If you want to see pics, you'll need to join Yahoo's "Polar S625X"
    Group ... the pics are posted in the files section.

    I hope this helps someone else.

    Take care,
    Rich (don't reply ... dead address ... ultimate spam prevention)