Police Precinct, ca. 1979."

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  1. "What For" 4.7.2005

    "Dear Mum,

    So you know,
    Because you need to know!

    All them got rich, no, richer ~
    And made Twitty poor,

    While we suffered, wrote poetry,
    Hurt, cried almost every single day.

    Please know ~ We still love you,

    Even though you never
    Write us back, never answer

    Our mail.
    We figure, O, well, Life's Just Hell.

    Never fair,
    No matter how good we are."
    ~ Folly


    "What nerve,
    Calling Prefontaine a loser ..."
    ~ AbusingAbuser

    "O, I know!
    And, too, what nerve,

    Calling Rocky a Boozer, yes,
    That's what the police said the morning,

    That day they rung my bell,
    Visited to tell me Rocky was dead,

    Had hung himself ~ 4 am, The Boston South End
    Police Precinct, ca. 1979."
    ~ Twittering

  2. "Long ago,
    I decided that life was so absurd
    I might as well kill

    But later,
    I realized that life was so absurd,
    It wasn't worth
    Killing myself over!

    After that I was

    So I just hung
    Out my shingle, said ~ 'Gone

    ~ Double-A

    "I'm so pleased your insanity,
    O, so well financed!

    Do you work over at Bedlam
    Or Bellevue,
    Or volunteer
    At your local shelter?

    The rich can afford to be eccentric ~
    Build a moat, line your chambers
    With sound-proof cork from the finest wines,
    Hire the finest chefs ~

    Go fly fishing,
    Cast their nets in Acapulco .

    While the rest fear
    So dreadfully the future,
    Fret for their Social Security
    For our social endowment, so unsecured.

    Forget the rest ...

    But alas, the poor cannot afford eccentricity,
    Practical they must be,
    Lest they loose their electricity,
    Their roof, their health insurance,

    One day to the next,

    One's security
    Nothing more than this week's income ~

    No margin, or net,
    For a missed week's work,
    An hourly fee.

    That's a hell worth dieing over,
    And many do,
    As fear's enough to paralyze one,

    Sicken, strike down, a stopped heart ~
    Take away all foresight that life, cause, effect,
    Extends beyond tomorrow

    Or today.

    And if ill,
    Do you seek a mender for your wound,
    A licensed practitioner, someone
    With appropriate expertise?

    Or a preacher for
    Your soul,

    To heal?
    Or do you just go fly ~ fishing, or

    Visit Canyon Ranch
    To heal your ills?

    Or do you delay, for fear,
    For fear your healer hurts you,
    Humiliates you,
    For fear of lost income, or lost savings,

    Until too late?"
    ~ Twittering

    Hand to mouth,
    As they say ~

    Leaves no flexibility
    For unleashed imagination.

    Hug the shore, one must,
    If a life raft unaffordable.

    Hyper ~
    Vigilance, one must cultivate,

    Or risk ~
    Loosing everything."
    ~ Folly
  3. "Until lost,
    Or living off the street."
    ~ Twittering

    Loosing everything."
    ~ Folly

    "... living off the street,
    Going no where in particular,

    But down hill, O, too
    ~ Twittering
  4. *
    "Barkley's Famous Dog Quotations"
    "O know!
    I want my underpants.
    I know she didn't tell me to leave them on ~
    I would have remembered if she had.
    Instead, she's got me sniffing hers.
    Tres lovely, yes, but still!
    Low! know!
    Underpants aren't something
    you take off like a hair ribbon.
    I'm burning with shame.
    Sniff, sniff, yes, her panties, tres kewl!
    But still! Looking closer ~ yes,
    Her pubic hair seems very thick
    And very dark. Sniff, sniff ~
    Lovely, yes, these red silk panties
    If I ever get out of here
    I'm going to come back post haste
    Tres fast!
    Sniffin, lickin her..."

    ~ Anne Barknays,
    >From "Growing Up Bitch"

    >From Barkley's Famous Dog Quotations,

    16th ed., Pitter Pat Press,
    New Ork City.


    "O know!
    My underpants, she want!
    I know that she did not say to me ~
    Leave them above ~ I would have, too.
    Remembered, if she had. Instead of that,
    She has me reniflant to hers."
    ~ Twittering

    "Twitty, very beautiful, yes, but always!
    Low! Know!
    The underpants, not
    Something you take off
    Like a ribbon of hair!"
    ~ Anne

    "I burn with shame."
    ~ Twittering

    "Reniflez, reniflez, yes,
    Your breeches, kewl of very!"
    ~ Anne

    "But always!"
    ~ Twittering

    "Seeing you ~ narrower yes."
    ~ Anne

    "Your hair pubic seems very thick,
    Very dark."
    ~ Twittering

    "Reniflez ~ Of reniflement, beautiful, yes,
    Your red silk breeches!"
    ~ Anne

    "If ever I leave here, me quickly return ~
    Tres speed of post!"
    ~ Twittering

    "Sniffin, lickin it..."
    ~ Anne


    "Or she knows! My bottom,
    Now bare ~"
    ~ Anne

    "I wish mine underpants, I know
    She has not said
    Lean me over ~ I would!"
    ~ Twittering

    "Have remembered, myself,
    If she had."
    ~ Anne

    "Instead, she peed,
    Near that fiuto. Beautiful Trees, yes,
    But still! Low! She knows!"
    ~ Twittering

    "My underpants,
    They are not something
    You remove like a tape of hats!"
    ~ Anne

    "I am burning,
    Myself, with shame."
    ~ Twittering

    "Fiuti, fiuti, yes,
    It's mutandine. Kewl of the trees!
    But still! Seeming ~"
    ~ Anne

    "The more neighbor, yes."
    ~ Twittering

    "Your hats pubic seem much thick,
    Much dark. Fiuti, ~ Of smell, beautiful, yes,
    Your red mutandine of silk!"
    ~ Anne

    "If I exit never, here, I am thrilled!
    O to return, these trees ~"
    ~ Twittering

    "Tres rapidity of the starter
    Shaft, fastly!"
    ~ Anne

    Sniffin, lickin, she...

    ~ Anne Barknays,
    >From "Growing Up Bitch"

    >From "Barkley's Famous Dog Quotations,"

    16th ed., Pitter Pat Press,
    New Ork City.
    Yes ~
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