POLL: What do you ride and what is your kit?


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Jun 27, 2004
Hey everyone,

Thought this would be an interesting thread to post to see what type of bike and touring equipment (racks, bags etc.) everyone rides with when going for the long haul. Since i want to get into serious touring in the near future, i'd like to see what people ride on and considering quality and/or essential kits you shouldn't leave home without. So have fun with this one (i.e. brag) since this should be pretty informative as well.
My primary touring bike is the Trek 520, Brooks B-17 BRG saddle, Look Ergostem, Conti TT 2000 tyres (32), Cateye Cordless 7 comp., Shimano dura ace platform peddles, and after years of different racks and panniers, I settled on Bob Beckman racks and panniers. The panniers are the Expedition model and the Discovery handle bar bag (they are awsome). On the rack I got all the upgrades he offered (triangulation, fender braz-on's, extra strap eyelets, etc..). After x-mas, they'll be a gps unit on the bike, and I'll have a digital camera to post some pics.
I have 2 touring bikes that I ride, and both were custom-built for me.

I have a diamond-framed bike made by Peter Mooney (http://www.peter-mooney.com/). This was my first touring bike, and while I have flown with it I now use it primarily for trips that don't involve airline travel.

Click on this link for a picture of my Peter Mooney bike loaded for touring:
and on this link for some close-up shots of the frame

My second touring bike is a Bike Friday Air Glide (http://www.bikefriday.com). This is a folding bike where the suitcase for travel turns into a trailer for touring - and a sweet ride. Here's a picture of the Air Glide (and me!) in front of the Grand Tetons on my 2002 tour across the USA: