Positive experience from car crash

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    I was hit by a car yesterday for the 5th time, and the 4th time where I was not at fault. It was also the most serious crash I've been in, I collided with a small truck head on at considerable speed.

    Fortunately the worst injury I have is soft tissue damage to my knee, just how bad it is remains to be seen. The vehicle I collided with was smashed up a bit, windscreen destroyed, large dent in front panel, other misc. damage to the front.

    However, it was despite the injuries & damage, the most positive "hit by car" experience I have had. The driver could not care less about his car, and was fully apologetic and only worried that I was not dead or hurt. In fact I just received a phone call from him a little while ago to make sure that I'm ok. The police came, and were very professional, all passers-by all seemed to be mostly concerned with my well-being, and did not seem at all worried by any damage to the vehicle.

    I think the key to not being too badly injured, was that I realized just in time that I was not going to be able to avoid impact, and instead prepared myself for the impact, and managed to spread the impact over as large an area as possible. Also remember to wear your helmet kids - the windscreen was destroyed, largely from impact with my helmet, however I did not have any head injuries besides small cuts from the inside of my helmet, and some bruising where my sunglasses contact my face.

    I was just wondering if there are any other stories out there, where you have been in an accident, which, while obviously you would prefer hadn't happenned, were as positive as possible in the circumstances.