Possible oval BB cup....


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Oct 21, 2014
4mm cup an while moving the caliper around the bb it was reading 4.5mm at some points, no noticeable wear or anything grinding the bb cup. I had to replace the spindle because I broke it in half ( I have pics ) an when I replaced about 4 months ago it's been fine until about 3 weeks ago when it started a nasty crackin sound. Took it apart last night an all I can find is the ovalness an upon puttin it back together it looked like it needed a 5mm spacer ring, so I found one that fit purfecly flush an looked right. Only rode about a mile so far an it was silent. Main question, the oval bb?
Mo' better explanation and pictures are needed.

'What' were you measuring that ran 4.5 MM / .177"?
oh my yes your right there's no way a bb can be 4mm. It was either cm or inches. But besides that, the bb was completely out an measuring the frame itself, the bb cup I TH it's called, an taking the caliper an measuring inside from top to bottom an then horizontal. T to B was 4cm an hor was 4.5-/+ an that is measuring the inside BB cup on the frame on the bike with no bb installed, it's the lovely ISIS bb set up. Can't afford to change out at the time. Just wanna fix. Sorry no pics at the time. Since the post iv been told it's the off set threds im measuring ???

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