Possible Peter Sagan Super Six Purchase


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Sep 5, 2012
I have recently been approached by my LBS owner to purchase a 2013 Cannondale Peter Sagan Super Six (all green). I think this bike is 1 of only 100 produced (or something like that) I am not really into all of the bling but I am into good deals. I don't want the bike as a collectible. I will ride this bike a ton. This bike is way above my riding ability, however, I can grow into it. I am currently riding a 2013 Rabobank Giant TCR (also bought for a great deal from the same owner.....I get his hand me downs) I think this bike was around $10,000 when they offered it . I can pick the bike up for aroun $5700. I have a buyer for the Rabobank at $2800. I was in the market for a set of carbon wheels so I was prepared to spend a couple grand on those. The Cannondale already has carbon wheels on it as well as a ton of additional upgrades. SOOOOOOOOO....... what do you think. Is this a good deal? Is this a good bike for that kind of coin? Looking for some honest advice about the bike. Thanks.
I am of the opinion that most of riding enthusiasts/sport riders can not push a pro race bike to it's limits. Who cares. If owning this bike will give you a good vibe while riding, buy it. It sounds like you have the finances for it. Why not?

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