Possible trip to Seattle in early June...

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jon Bond, May 20, 2003.

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  1. Jon Bond

    Jon Bond Guest

    If I can convince my parents to help fund my trip to Seattle, I may just be able to scrape together
    the cash to get myself out there. better yet, I've got these flight vouchers from USA cycling for
    United to bring my bike.

    I also have some friends down in Oregon that might come up to see me, and I might go down there and
    crash with them for a few days so I don't impose on my friend Kate and her family too much.

    Trip would probably have to be early june, and as I can't rent a car (stupid laws - hell, I'm a damn
    good driver, never gotten a ticket, never gotten in an accident, very rarely exceed the speed limit
    by more than 10 or 15 mph, and that's in perfect conditions on roads I know in low traffic
    times...), any bike rides I take would need to be a pickup-ride-dropoff type deal. I'd be in Gig
    Harbor, WA, and somewhere near Portland, Oregon.

    this is still WAY up in the air - practically in orbit (ok, well, orbitz.com...) - but the more
    information I have, and the better planned I am, the better chance my parents might chip in :) I
    figure I can guilt trip them into coughing up some cash because my Spain trip was cancelled because
    of 9/11 (school related trip), and they've been to the bahamas twice, Europe once, and a bunch of
    other smaller trips in the last two years... without
    me. Hey, worth a shot, anyway!

    Thanks, fingers are crossed!

    Jon Bond

  2. Bb

    Bb Guest

    On Tue, 20 May 2003 06:53:16 GMT, Jon Bond wrote:

    > I'd be in Gig Harbor, WA, and somewhere near Portland, Oregon.

    Let me know if you're looking for rides around Portland. I haven't done any riding around Seattle,
    but I'm sure someone around here has. A lot of WA-state rides described on MTBR are in the Seattle
    area. If your friends don't ride and you don't mind riding with an old guy, I might be able to join
    you (depending on the timing).

    You can take a look at some of the local rides on my videos:


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  3. Kx Dave

    Kx Dave Guest

    Check out the trails on Green Mountain if you'll be staying in Gig Harbor. You won't be
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