Post-Argus Heart Zone Strategy

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    Oct 31, 2002
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    Ok so the Aurgus has come and gone. The time has arrived to re-evaluate the next year's fitness goals and training programmes.

    So I thought I would bounce the following off my cyber buddies.

    Evaluating my total exercise regime for last year reveals the following.

    Remember I am what would be commonly be described as a recreational athlete so read the following in context.

    Over the last year my total training time can be allocated to my training zones (based on heart rate reserve calculations) as follow:

    90%-100% 2% of training time
    80%-89% 14% of training time
    70%-79% 25% of training time
    60%-69% 26% of training time
    below 60% 33% of training time

    On average I managed about four hours per week of exercise.

    How should I ammend this ?
    How does this compare to your time breakdowns ?

    Everything I have read (which include a lot of contradictions) would suggest that my time allocations in the higher intensity zones is about correct, however the lower zones appear to have too much time allocated to the below 60% zone.

    This of course changes radically if one uses "% of Maximum HR" to calculate the heart rate zones rather than heart rate reserve based calculations.
    Even more source of contradictions.

    My thinking currently is to move the bulk of the sub 60% up into the 60-69% and gradually increase training volumes to average of 6 hours per week.

    Any comments will be welcome.