Post-ride knee pain


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Jul 15, 2010
Hi, I'm a newbie to cycling, and I've been riding about 4-6 times a week to and from work, about 15km each way. It's city riding, a few short hills, nothing too strenuous.

I've been doing this just over a month, and suddenly the day after a ride, I get this tight pain about 1-2 inches above the front of my knee. It's not a dull, sore pain, but it's like a sharp, pinching pain that seems to happen after about 2 min of walking, and gets worse the longer I walk. It gets even more aggravated when I go down stairs.

I do not experience any pain when riding, it is just when I walk, above both knees.

Anyone have any suggestions on a cause, or possible solution?



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Apr 16, 2010
Oh... Possible fitment issue??? incorrect saddle height? cleat positioning (if you're on clipless pedals). pushing too big a gear, too soon?

might be a good idea to go to a reputable bike store and talk to one of their fitting experts. i'm sure they've heard all sorts of issues like yours.

get it looked at before you do some serious damage to your knees.