Posterior comfort

Jeff Johnston

New Member
Mar 2, 2021
Young 77 year old male returning to riding. Thus far, paved trails only. It will stay as such.

My biggest issue at this point is the discomfort of my bottom after 10-12 miles.
Some are telling me to replace my bike’s saddle, others suggesting riding underwire or shorts.

What would you folks suggest as the first step to rear end comfort?


Aug 10, 2022
I am sorry nobody replied to your thread, weird. Anyway, my best take on posterior comfort is that the more you ride and toughen up your posterior, the more comfortable you will be. With little muscle mass on your butt and/or no tone in what is there, it will not feel good on most seating. My experience was that after a number of months I was able to not have to think about the saddle on the bike as long as it was adjusted level and it was the right distance from the bars. When out of shape it hurt to spend a long time on the saddle, or even not so long a time, but after a few months it was a non-issue. I am not even known for being particularly muscular either, sort of a long tall string-bean type of person, but I apparently have the butt to stand up to dozens of miles of use on old, hard road-bike saddles with no problem.