Potato Cakes

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    >From: "F&COMAN" <[email protected]>
    >Sixty Five years ago - and that dates me - the Army used to serve up
    >potato puff balls. Now, given the era. these must have been made from
    >potato ( re-constituted not being available if my memory serves ) and
    >probably reconstituted egg plus ???

    >From the 1940 US Navy Cook Book

    Potato Cakes
    Serves 100 men

    Prepare 50 pounds of potatoes by the same method as for "mashed
    potatoes" and while warm shape into balls or round cakes. Have griddle
    irons well greased with vegetable shortening or butter. Place the
    potatoes on and cook brown on both sides. Place in platters and keep
    well heated until served.

    Mashed Potatoes

    Wash and peel 50 pounds of potatoes. Boil the potatoes in salted water
    until tender. Drain potatoes saving the cooking water, dry, and
    sprinkle the potatoes with salt to taste. Mash them fine and light,
    add 1 gallon of potato stock mixed with 1 pound of butter and 2 pounds
    of evaporated milk. Beat all together thoroughly until light. Keep
    well heated until served.

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