Potential bike product


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Sep 16, 2003
Did you ever consult any regular riders before starting this venture?
Or even look at a saddle from a performance-oriented bike?
The space between the rails MIGHT fit a cigarrette packet, but that's about it.
You want to fit a modern smartphone, you need to either insert it upright, or make a saddle that extends rearwards.
Or make a saddle considerably higher/thicker than on your concept drawing to allow a smartphone to fit cross-wise under the widest part of the saddle.
This sounds like it could be challenging, since the shell of the Storage space would have to be load bearing. The rails - the most common method to mount the saddle to the seat post - would pretty much have to be mounted to the bottom of the storage space instead of to the seat pan not to steal too much space.
How do you imagine "size" to be a separate entity from "comfort"?
Size is HUGELY important to comfort.
A wide nose on the saddle will chafe, unless you're tremendously bow-legged.
A saddle that's too narrow towards the rear, where the sit bones make contact, can lead to all sorts of troubles.


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Sep 12, 2005
Most ridiculous bike component I've seen here since those 'artisan' bamboo fenders, the pump chuck that only took one hand to operate (just like the rest of them) and the helmet with turn signals built in.

If I order now do I also receive the Popeil Pocket Fisherman as a free gift?