Potential Research Opportunity - Winchester


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Jul 8, 2014
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am currently studying for a Masters at the University of Winchester in Applied Sport and Exercise Science and am looking to recruit time trial cyclists for my dissertation. I am looking into the effect of a carbohydrate mouthwash on time trial performance. Basically a 5s mouthwash/rinse of a carbohydrate drink (simplified version of a sports drink) has been shown to be beneficial in these situations, enhancing performance. A mouthwash can also limit some of the negative consequences of ingesting fluid such as gastrointestinal problems and slight weight gain. If I find a positive relationship and a benefit of these mouthwashes this could be beneficial to you in integrating this into your races to enhance your own performance. Following the study, I will be able to tell you if the mouthwash worked for you specifically and how much the distances cycled in the TT varied between conditions.

Participants would be required to attend the University of Winchester labs on four occasions to complete a one hour TT each time. They will then either mouthwash with a carbohydrate or placebo solution for either 8 or 16 times during the TT. Although I am not offering any maximal testing (such as Vo2max or lactate threshold) as part of my study, there may be opportunities for this to be completed at other times to assess their fitness levels and provide training sessions. Although I can not guarantee this depending on numbers and time frame. However, links with the sports department at the University can definitely be made, which could lead to this type of testing once the students come back in September. Additionally, I can offer body composition assessments aside from the study, allowing an accurate assessment your body composition.
All participants are voluntary and can withdraw at any time. Please get in touch if there are any other details you may wish to know, or even just more information on how a mouth rinse could help you. I look forward to hearing from you.