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  1. Mick.

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    Hi All,

    I have a 24 speed powabyke.

    The charger seems to have packed up; I plugged it in to charge But after a
    while both lights on the charger were off, on refitting the battery It was
    still flat. Cannot seem to find where I can get a charger? the dealer where
    I bought the bike last February does not seem to carry any spares!

    I have been to the website :http://www.powabyke.com/ but there is no
    mention of buying spares there
    I realise the bike is still under warrantee but I use the bike to get to and
    from work 4 times a day as well
    as pleasure rides, I can use my car but would much rather use the powabyke.

    Thanks for any help available.


  2. >I have been to the website :http://www.powabyke.com/ but there is no
    >mention of buying spares there

    Use the details of how to contact Powerbyke - which are available from the web
    site - to write, phone, fax, or email the company direct.

    helen s

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