Power meters and Cranks


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Dec 13, 2014
Help I need some advice! I'm looking at purchasing a crank power meter, but it seems to be a minefield of compatibility issues. I have a Miche chainset whith a campagnolo group set, the BB is an EVO Max and the size stamp(I think) is BC 1.37" x 24 T I've no idea what this means! I was looking at a stages power meter but they're Shimano,SRAM or FSA are any of these compatable with my set up? I could go down the Garmin Vector route but these are lot more expensive. Are there any other power meter solutions I could go for?
Your BB is a British thread: 1.370"is the thread's pitch diameter and there are 24 threads per linear inch. Your BB shell should be about 68 MM wide (2.677") or 73 MM wide if an oversize version. I'm assuming you have external bearing cups that locate the spindle bearings outboard of the BB shell, itself.

The left cup will be a right-hand thread and left cup (drive side) will be a left-hand thread.

Stages do not offer a Miche left-side crank and the only EVO version I saw on their website was for an FSA BB386EVO.

You could buy a new crankset, but that would add cost to the conversion.

Depending on how many speeds your Campy group is, you could use shimaNO (blasphemy!) with it, SRAM or FSA. FSA would probably be the least objectionable from an aesthetic standpoint as many factory build package bikes have Campy groups matched with FSA cranksets/cockpit components.

Alfeng will have some good advice as to whether or not you could bolt the Stages FSA arm onto your Miche BB spindle.
The Cycleops meters avoid a whole lot of problems, with the slight downside that people think that you're cheating with an electric motor hub. For some years, I was waiting for an acceptable non-rear-hub system, but gave up in the end. I've been quite happy with Powertap.