Power Meters and Pedaling Effectiveness


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Nov 8, 2003
I see a hint of fangs.

No fangs intended at all. That was just my "funny" way of pointing out that whether or not you could/should use a powermeter is really dependent on your goals. If I wasn't interested in racing, I probably wouldn't even have a regular cycling computer on my bike.

Or is it that once I can measure my torque and how fast that propels me that I won't need all the other stuff?

Yep, that's pretty much it. Buy the book (I even have an autographed copy myself) and check this out while you're waiting for it to arrive: http://midweekclub.ca/powerFAQ.htm


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Apr 28, 2007
MiSzA said:
No need to spend all that money - go check this site: http://www.peakscoachinggroup.com/products/Train_with_power_book.html
get the book (a LOT less than a new or used PM :p) and that should help you out!

The second thing you are going to ask is: do I really need WKO+ :p

So - decide for yourself:

Happy reading...
Thank you all so much for all the info. There were a number of very valuable statements from you. One being that if it weren't for racing the person probably wouldn't even have a cycling computer at all. That says a lot. And, I will buy the book suggested. It looks like it will answer most if not all my questions. I went to a couple of the sites folks were nice enough to provide the links to. This whole thing gets much more technical than I would have imagined for the amateur. Also, I do apologize if I made it sound like I think it's a waste of time or money to get a power meter. I have a Garmin GPS cycle computer now and I must admit that I actually have FUN with all the data it collects for me. (Does that make me some sort of Geek?)

I think the best bet for me is to get myself the book recommended to me. If it turns out that a power meter can help me to attain things I might not be able to without one then I'll go for it. Thanks again for all the advice.

So far I haven't been concerned with racing. Other than the informal type that happens out on the street or bike paths that is. Who knows though? I always have been probably more competitive than the average person. I may end being a huge supporter of power meters when all is said and done.